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Triskell pendant in silver
  • Triskell pendant in silver
  • Triskell pendant in silver

Triskell pendant in silver

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Prodotti in argento 925/000


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Also called triskelion or triskellion (from the greek three legs)
It is the best known Celtic symbol. He embodies the power
the number Three. If, starting from the center of the symbol, the three spirals that
form are wound on themselves from right to left, it represents the
whirl of energy from the inside out, the event; if
instead develop from left to right in descending symbolizes the
nether worlds. It has different meanings and is:
The Threefold Manifestation of the One God: Strength, Wisdom and Love, and then
the three classes of Celtic society which embodied such energies, Warriors,
Druids and Producers.

The Three Circles manifestation or existence: Ceugant, World
of the Absolute; Gwynwydd, the spiritual world and the afterlife Abred, Human World or
of Probation.
Within Abred the symbol of the three aspects of the material world: Earth
(Wild boar), Water (Salmon), Sky (Dragon) that with their movement
gather all in the fourth element, Fire, symbolized by the circle
It encloses the triskele.
The Past, the Present and the Future meeting in reality the center in one
Great and eternal cycle called Continuo Infinito Presente, where everything exists
at the same time. It is thus able to understand how, during the feast of
Samhain, the Celts could meet their deceased ancestors,
but also their unborn descendants.
The three solar phases in the event: sunrise, noon, sunset
In humans, its triple manifestation as the body,
emotions / feelings / thoughts and spirit, but also the action, the feeling, the
Thought and the three ages: childhood, maturity, old age.
The Goddess in its triple aspect of
Old-Virgin-Mother / Daughter-Mother-Sister.
The symbol of the female trinity of battle-Morrigan Macha-Boadb and
the male Ogma-Lugh-Dagda
The sign on which Patrick will explain the concept of the Christian Trinity
(Actually an idea of ​​Celtic Christianity) to the Irish, however, transforming
The triskele in a clover.

our products meet the EUROPEAN norm "EN1811-2011Soglie nickel and field application The standard of reference at European level on


Data sheet

silver 925 ‰ (925 parts out of 1000)
Height mm.
Width mm.
Eyelet hole for necklace mm.
Weight gr.


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