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silver pendant Pa Kua
  • silver pendant Pa Kua
  • silver pendant Pa Kua
  • silver pendant Pa Kua
  • silver pendant Pa Kua
  • silver pendant Pa Kua
  • silver pendant Pa Kua

silver pendant Pa Kua The 8 Trigrams Chinese

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The Pa Kua are the eight trigrams described in the I Ching, the combinations of whole and broken lines represent the forces constantly fluctuating elements of the world: Pa Kua also refers to a wooden hexagram containing the eight trigrams with a mirrored center, which is hung above the doors as a protective charm. This device is popular with practitioners of Feng Shui.

PA KUA - The 8 Trigrams: introduction
The ancient Chinese described the Universe with 8 elements as if they were hanging on to a 8 pictures
Wall: heaven, earth, thunder, fire, water, mountains and swamps.
This representation is called Pa Kua (Pa means 8, Kua means suspend), used:
• a solid line to represent the movement, climbing, strong images and hard, called
• a line cut to represent the absence of movement, depression, images
weak and unfocused, called Yin
With three stacked lines created the Trigrams:
1. Heaven / Paradise
Three solid lines. Heaven and 'strength and divine power. (Mature yang)
2. Earth
Three broken lines. The land and 'considered soft and receptive (mature yin)
3. Thunder
Top two broken lines symbolize the thunder and glow over the mountains (the line
straight and strong at the base) (immature yang)
The top two solid lines are the wind. (Immature yin)
5. Water (Luna)
The two broken lines above and below to a whole line, the motion of water on the earth, the
flow of a river flowing between two shores. (Yang immature)
6. Fire (Sun)
The broken line and the middle of 'the center of the fire, the two solid lines on the sides are moving
some fire. (Immature yin)
7. Mountain
The solid line represents the height and the two broken lines at the bottom are the earth. (yang
8.Lago / Swamp
The upper broken line and 'the water as the two entire lines below are the sky. If
look in the mirror of a swamp we see the sky reflected on the surface, that's' cause of the
meaning assigned to this sign. (Immature yin)
mountain wind thunder Fuego Lake Sky Water

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Material :
silver 925 ‰ (925 parts out of 1000)
Height mm.
Width mm.
Eyelet hole for necklace mm.
Weight gr.


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