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spiral pendant in silver
  • spiral pendant in silver
  • spiral pendant in silver
  • spiral pendant in silver
  • spiral pendant in silver

spiral pendant in silver

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The meaning of the symbol of the Spiral

The spiral is the symbol that represents the circular expansion. To grow you need to die to grow again in a different world. The starting point of the spiral is the point of birth. The come into being. Whatever that come into being. A circle represents the path of growth and, to return to the origin is the end of the first come into being and another come into being: an expansion of the infinite come into being through the dead-rebirths which are nothing who jumps in different ways of perceiving the world, life, consciousness and existence. The expansion of the conscience of the subject by the cyclical nature.

The spiral reveals the deception of theories like those of reincarnation or resurrection. For every death and rebirth of the subject corresponds to a mutation. a caterpillar and a butterfly that dies was born. A tadpole to a frog that is born and dies. A larva dies and something that is generated. Change the tools with which to perceive the world, but the consciousness of the subject is expanded. It is not about memories but of their living in the world. Live in a wider world of the world in which you lived and you're dead.

The spiral indicates this type of transformation.

If a spiral cut in half with a line through the center, you observe that the lines make a circle, back to the origin, but not in the same place: it is the idea of ​​revival of the Ancients that unfortunately, the interpretative fixity in reason the last 2000 years has confused with forms of "reincarnation" type or resurrections intended as a return in the flesh.

If you open a dictionary symbology will discover that all the symbols are read according to the Christian religious ideas. You can say that the spiral is a symbol of fertility, aquatic and lunar. This is because of many Paleolithic statuette is this design. The life of every being has a beginning. From that beginning proceeds by concentric circles, crescendo and decrescendo in every world where the individual accesses. Between Human Beings that time is when the sperm enters the ovum building the conditions so that the subject is in place and start the first cycle (fetal) growth, decline and death in which the child appears. The spiral is the way to infinity of consciousness. That journey that the Antichrist Paper defines as "infinite of changes" leading to the construction of the Universal Consciousness.

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Material :
silver 925 ‰ (925 parts out of 1000)
Mm diameter.
Eyelet hole for necklace mm.
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