P. with Natural Tibetan turquoises

925 ‰ silver pendants with natural turquoise

Turquoise has always been considered as a protective amulet used by the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago so also by the Tibetans and American Indians used the turquoise, both as a "currency" of exchange, and as an ornamental stone to embellish and protect tombs and houses. For them, in fact, turquoise represented the spirit of the sea and of the sky incarnate.

Turquoise is linked to the Earth and Air elements. It is therefore considered a stone capable of conferring stability, balance and peace. Being also a stone of Air, it is also able to stimulate the intellect and creativity, increasing the quality and communicative strength. It is no coincidence that it is placed on the throat chakra. Turquoise manages to clarify thoughts and make them flow freely through the voice. It is also considered an amulet of good luck in travel.

Speed ​​up the detoxification and purification processes. It gives new energy and helps to better deal with all healing processes, especially those related to the throat and lungs. improve the mood and see things with greater serenity and optimism. It helps to keep away those negative influences that can only worsen psycho-physical health. It is a perfect stone for those seeking a certain inner calm and want to increase self-esteem.

925 ‰ silver pendants with Natural Tibetan  and Arizona turquoises

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