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Silver pendant in the shape of a moth butterfly with openwork decorations

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A hypoallergenic 925 silver butterfly-shaped pendant with openwork decorations is an elegant and refined jewel, characterized by craftsmanship and a design rich in details. Here is a detailed description of this type of pendant:

Hypoallergenic: The 925 silver used is hypoallergenic, making it safe to wear even for those with sensitive skin or allergies to base metals.

 The pendant has a moderate size, suitable for wearing both daily and on special occasions.

A hypoallergenic 925 silver butterfly-shaped pendant with openwork decorations is a jewel that combines craftsmanship, symbolism and beauty. Perfect for those looking for an elegant and significant accessory, it is suitable for various styles and occasions, always guaranteeing a touch of refinement and originality.


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the meaning of butterflies varies greatly between different cultures and contexts, but generally they are symbols of transformation, change and beauty.

General Meaning

Metamorphosis: The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation and change, given its life cycle which goes from egg to caterpillar, then to chrysalis and finally to butterfly. This process represents rebirth and personal growth.

Beauty and Fragility

Aesthetics: Butterflies are often associated with beauty due to their colorful and delicate wings.
Ephemeral: They also represent the fleeting nature of life and beauty, reminding you that these qualities are often temporary.

Western cultures

Hope and Resurrection: In many Christian traditions, the butterfly is a symbol of resurrection and hope.
Soul and Spirituality: In art and literature, butterflies are often depicted as symbols of the soul.

Eastern cultures

China: Butterflies are symbols of happiness and marital love. A pair of butterflies represents a happy and faithful relationship.
Japan: Often associated with young women and feminine beauty.

Mythology and Folklore

Ancient Greece: The Greek word for butterfly is "psyche", which also means "soul". The butterfly is therefore linked to the goddess Psyche, symbol of the human soul.

Spiritual guide

Butterflies are often seen as signs or messages from spirits or deceased loved ones, indicating presence and protection.

Personal growth

They symbolize the importance of leaving the past behind and embracing change and growth.


In psychology, the butterfly can represent the process of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Art and Fashion

Butterflies are used as decorative motifs in art and fashion, symbolizing elegance, lightness and creativity.


Butterflies, with their extraordinary metamorphosis and delicate beauty, are powerful and versatile symbols. Across different cultures and traditions, they represent transformation, rebirth, beauty and spirituality, offering a reminder of the power of change and the wonder of life.

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