Cymbals with the 8 auspicious symbols in high relief, 7 metals

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Material: Seven Metals
Origin: Nepal
Weight in grams 185
Diameter cm. 6.5
Note Unique piece, handmade
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Cymbals have a rich and deep sound that promotes relaxation and have healing power for the body and mind. Cymbals, like singing bowls, are ancient musical instruments that originate in the pre-Buddhist Bon Po shamanic culture of the Himalayas that reigned in ancient Tibet. Subsequently it spread throughout Asia: today they are produced mainly in Nepal (with an ancient tradition in the Thado region)
  Cymbals such as singing bowls are made from seven metal alloys, where each metal actually refers to a specific planet in the solar system: Gold = Sun Silver = Moon Mercury = Mercury Copper = Venus Iron = Mars Tin = Jupiter Lead = Saturn
  The sound of these instruments corresponds to a long polyharmonic vibration. This characteristic has made them widely used for religious purposes, for rituals and meditations, given the psychotropic effect that the vibrating sound has on the human mind. Their origin dates back to approximately 3 thousand years ago or to a historical phase prior to the birth of Buddhism.
At that time, according to legend, a ritual was practiced which gave gongs, bells and cymbals both the ability to heal the body and the power to bring man closer to divinity. Starting from the second half of the 20th century, this object was also welcomed into Western culture and began to be appreciated above all as a therapeutic tool.

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Material :
Seven Metals
Made in :
Weight gr.
Diameter cm.
Piece One, Hand Made
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